The New Denim Project x Industry of All Nations


About a year ago, IOAN started partnering with an exciting industrial textile group in Guatemala called The New Denim Project. A subset of Iris Textiles, which has operated in Guatemala for over 60 years, The New Denim Project aims to become a leader in upcycling production by transforming industrial waste from the fashion industry into premium denim textile goods. Their yarns are all made from cotton and other pre-consumer discarded fibers, and respun into woven and knit fabrics. 

Finally, IOAN is happy to announce that the first style from this collaboration is landing in our fresh air stores this week. Our latest, The New Work Jacket, is made using the Project’s dye-free, chemical-free process, which helps us reduce carbon emissions, be more energy efficient, and save thousands of liters of water per each kilogram of upcycled fabric. On top of that, the Project is a closed-loop industrial system, so all of the waste from the upcycling process gets donated to local Guatemalan coffee growers as compost, making sure these 100% biodegradable and natural materials make theiTNDP CLOSE LOOP GRAPHICr way back to the earth. 

Ponchos, striped t-shirts, and other styles using The New Denim Project yarn and upcycling production facilities are coming soon.

Head to our LA or SF store for the Jacket this week, and sign up for email updates for news of when our next styles will be hitting stores.


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