Hecho with waste

Guatemala projectRecycling: waste minimization strategy in which reusable materials are recovered from a waste stream, and put to the original or different use.
Upcycling: to upcycle is to change something that would be thrown away or recycled into a new, higher quality, more useful item.

Industry of All Nations’ new partnership with the Guatemalan team at The New Denim Project brings these two very important aspects to a compromise. We think these should be some of the most important actions humans as a race should be focused on.
When we think of recycling, we should really think about the whole idea; reduce, reuse and recycle. If we don’t need it, don’t get it. If we have to get it, get something that can be used again, and if you get something that needs to be recycled by the professionals, put it in the recycle bin. Conservation is an important part of the recycling issue. When we consume less + produce less garbage it helps every habitant and every corner of our planet in every way.
Made with waste products coming very soon to Industry of All Nations.

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