Alpaca Topo cardigan – Home made

Made at home – in the source of the best Alpaca in the world and by the original farmers and artisans who have been breeding and working with these fibers for the past many centuries.
Topo Cardigan

Historically, production of a product occurred where the raw material is sourced. Alpacas are native to Bolivia and the people that raise them have lived there for generations. To continue the tradition, the Alpaca Cardigans are hand knit in Bolivia, with locally sourced fibers. Each sweater takes roughly 3-4 days to produce. Each fiber is spun by hand and knitted together masterfully to bring us this ultra soft genuine Alpaca product. The fibers come in 22 different shades, which enables us to work without the need for any dyes. As a finishing touch, we use handcrafted cow horns for the buttons.

Alpaca fibers are superior to other types of wool in many ways. They are naturally water and fire resistant, as well as hypoallergenic. Alpaca fibers are stronger and more durable compared to wool, however do not contain lanolin, an oil that can cause an allergic reaction. IOAN partners with a Co-op of 1200 families to bring you the Alpaca Topo Cardigan, made with 100% Bolivian materials by Bolivians.


Available online and at select IOAN retailers.

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