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Industry of All Nations by Alessandro Bava.

  Alessandro is a 26 year old architect and designer from Naples, Italy, currently doing an in-residence program at the Schindler house in Los Angeles. All clothes except for the hats (only samples) are available online and at the IOAN LA … Continue reading

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Hecho with waste

Recycling: waste minimization strategy in which reusable materials are recovered from a waste stream, and put to the original or different use. Upcycling: to upcycle is to change something that would be thrown away or recycled into a new, higher … Continue reading

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From all corners of the globe.

Believe it or not, we humans are becoming more aware. It is so rewarding to see how an interview and article about the pollution of today’s clothing manufacturing production and consumption has been shared and repeated by all sorts of … Continue reading

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Alpaca Topo cardigan – Home made

Made at home – in the source of the best Alpaca in the world and by the original farmers and artisans who have been breeding and working with these fibers for the past many centuries. Historically, production of a product … Continue reading

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IOAN Shop n˚2

Three weeks ago, on December 22nd 2016, was the first day for the IOAN Shop number 2 in Hayes Valley in San Francisco and the community response has been incredible. From lovely neighbors to local business, we have felt very … Continue reading

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What is sustainability? by UCLA

Sustainability is a complex concept. The most often quoted definition comes from the UN Bruntland commission: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In … Continue reading

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Red Clean selvedge jeans

In collaboration with a community of innovators who have been perfecting this millenary technique, Industry of All Nations presents the second production of red Clean jeans made from 100% organic cotton yarn dyed with Rubia Cardifolia roots, hand-loomed into soft and … Continue reading

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Wash & Care

A questions that often comes up is if IOAN natural dyed garments need extra or special wash and care. The answer is simple, not really. The first and second wash, we recommend to isolate the garment or to wash with … Continue reading

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Something as simple as a T-shirt…

The Clean Crew is our way of showing how something as simple as a cleaner t-shirt can have a profound impact on the world. This is a revolution. Because when you buy an IOAN clean t-shirt, you are really buying a … Continue reading

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Do you Batik?

Luis Cardenas, lawyer from Mexico City shot by photojournalist Rayyiu Radzi from Kuala Lumpur at the Borobudur temple, in Central Java, Indonesia. We are proud to have them representing Industry of All Nations around the world.

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