Industry of All Nations x Indosole flip-flops

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The New Denim Project x Industry of All Nations


About a year ago, IOAN started partnering with an exciting industrial textile group in Guatemala called The New Denim Project. A subset of Iris Textiles, which has operated in Guatemala for over 60 years, The New Denim Project aims to become a leader in upcycling production by transforming industrial waste from the fashion industry into premium denim textile goods. Their yarns are all made from cotton and other pre-consumer discarded fibers, and respun into woven and knit fabrics. 

Finally, IOAN is happy to announce that the first style from this collaboration is landing in our fresh air stores this week. Our latest, The New Work Jacket, is made using the Project’s dye-free, chemical-free process, which helps us reduce carbon emissions, be more energy efficient, and save thousands of liters of water per each kilogram of upcycled fabric. On top of that, the Project is a closed-loop industrial system, so all of the waste from the upcycling process gets donated to local Guatemalan coffee growers as compost, making sure these 100% biodegradable and natural materials make theiTNDP CLOSE LOOP GRAPHICr way back to the earth. 

Ponchos, striped t-shirts, and other styles using The New Denim Project yarn and upcycling production facilities are coming soon.

Head to our LA or SF store for the Jacket this week, and sign up for email updates for news of when our next styles will be hitting stores.


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Can we control the weather?

Can we control the weather

As last year’s devastating Atlantic hurricanes swept through the Caribbean and southern United States, we’re left wondering, “Is there anything we can do to prevent such horrific disasters?”

Since the 1950’s, scientists have made efforts to intentionally manipulate or alter the weather – a phenomenon called “weather modding.” The most common technique is called “cloud seeding,” in which chemicals such as silver iodide are dispersed into the atmosphere to increase rainfall. Some scientists have looked towards cloud seeding as a potential way to disrupt storms like hurricanes. According to an article by Peter Ray Allison of BBC Future, “Silver iodide is an inorganic compound used as an antiseptic. The theory was that the silver iodide would cause the supercooled water in the storm to freeze, thereby disrupting the internal structure of the hurricane.”

Although theoretically, this seems like a potential solution, there are many logistical problems. The amount of silver iodide needed to disperse a hurricane is enormous, and we currently do not have planes or drones that can hold enough silver iodide to make an impact – let alone do it safely and effectively. And even if cloud seeding was scalable and effective, there are so many unknowns about what kind of ecological effect it would have.

“But we can control how we effect the environment and how we influence the weather.”

At the current moment, these proposed solutions are limited by scale, technology, and uncertainty. Nature is unpredictable and the simple truth is: no, we cannot control the weather. But we can control how we effect the environment and how we influence the weather.


Daily human activity on a global scale produces a greater impact than any theoretical solution we might invent to control climate and “conquer” natural disasters. It would make more sense to invest our efforts into being more responsible about the way we do things to try and avoid extreme weather rather than try and develop an unrealistic quick fix with uncertain consequences. If each of us can be more conscious about the way we produce and consume, always paying attention to what kind of impact we are making, we can contribute to more stable ecological systems, limit environmental degradation, and better sustain habitats for all living things.

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Industry of All Nations with ‘Hey the Change’

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 11.38.46 AMA few weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet Anne Therese Bengston, Swedish climate optimist, who came to the IOAN Shop SF for some good chats for her Podcast ‘Hey the Change’. Here is our conversation, hope you can find it interesting. Thanks for listening!

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IOAN People around the globe

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.19.03 PM
We are inspired by how things are done.
In this modern time it is so easy and in everybody’s hands to do most anything, so the most important thing should be how we do these things.
We aim to not negatively affect those around us and to provide opportunities to anyone who is out there working locally and well. We work together to develop clean and sustainable industries around the world. We use all this to create products with the most simple and desirable aesthetic. This is the industry of the people, the Industry of All Nations –
The IOAN Team
Thank you Oscar Araujo and Luis Cardenas for your constant support – IOAN ambassadors.

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IOAN Woman

IOAN WOMEN WORKSMore IOAN Woman on the works with Arianne, creative director at The New Denim Project based in Guatemala and former IOAN customers Hannah & Claire, Irish sisters and designer duo, who began their journey in fashion design at CSM in London and later worked for notable fashion houses in Paris and London. They later took a breath from fashion after realizing the disposability and unethical production behind clothes, and decided to move into organic farming and cooking and opened  zero waste restaurant back home in Ireland.
Now, back in design, re-thinking and  joining all our forces to create a new clean, sustainable and consciously crafted womenswear production for Industry of All Nations.

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Guatemala country.

Getting to know Guatemala and its people. Where hard work is not seen as hard, where long distances are not seen as long, where dirt roads feel paved, where rain or heat are just beautiful aspects of nature no matter if we have refuge or not.
42,000 sq miles in this small Central American country, completely self sustained it seems, where everything is possible and produced.
A lot to come to IOAN from this land of everything. Bienvenidos a Guatemala!

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Venezuela, we are here for you.

We think it is important to know what’s happening, talk about and show support to our neighbors in Venezuela who are going through very harsh times, trying to re-shape their future and fighting everyday for a true democracy.

This is not just their problem. We need leaders who know how to represent all of us, instead of taking sides, polarizing societies and creating unnecessary confrontations between brothers and sisters.

We have printed a small run of IOAN Clean crews Venezuela with all natural black pigment, obtained from grape vine ash. They will be worn by our shop teams and available for purchase. They are currently curing in San Diego, as to fix the natural pigment to the fabric.


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Industry of All Nations by Alessandro Bava.



Alessandro is a 26 year old architect and designer from Naples, Italy, currently doing an in-residence program at the Schindler house in Los Angeles.

All clothes except for the hats (only samples) are available online and at the IOAN LA & SF shops.

Love is metaphysical gravity
– a special project by Alessandro Bava and Stefan

Direction: Alessandro Bava

Photograpy: Stefan Schwartzman

Cast: Tzef Montana, Christian Oyen

Location: Mackey Apartments, designed by Rudolph M. Schindler in 1939

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Hecho with waste

Guatemala projectRecycling: waste minimization strategy in which reusable materials are recovered from a waste stream, and put to the original or different use.
Upcycling: to upcycle is to change something that would be thrown away or recycled into a new, higher quality, more useful item.

Industry of All Nations’ new partnership with the Guatemalan team at The New Denim Project brings these two very important aspects to a compromise. We think these should be some of the most important actions humans as a race should be focused on.
When we think of recycling, we should really think about the whole idea; reduce, reuse and recycle. If we don’t need it, don’t get it. If we have to get it, get something that can be used again, and if you get something that needs to be recycled by the professionals, put it in the recycle bin. Conservation is an important part of the recycling issue. When we consume less + produce less garbage it helps every habitant and every corner of our planet in every way.
Made with waste products coming very soon to Industry of All Nations.

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