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IOAN Faja (multi-purpose band)
Made in Argentina

Designed by the Mapuches, reinterpreted
by Industry of All Nations.

Material: 70pct Cotton / 30pct Polyester

Length: 56" / 142cm

For use as a belt, tie or accessory.
On our trips we realized it is a smart belt, safe and swift
for airport security -- no metal buckle -- no need to take off.
Price: $19.00  

This Argentinean Faja symbolically represent a serpent that encircle the waist of the wearer. Using a Strip-Snake, according to the Mapuche culture, mimics the individualization of the Universal Being. The Strip is likened to the Double-Headed Serpent, a symbol many indigenous groups deem sacred, thus, invested with magical powers and considered a garment that protects.

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